In Bloom - SALA Candle Painting Night August 19th

In Bloom - SALA Candle Painting Night August 19th

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Immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of colour and botanical dreams, where abstract petals dance in vibrant hues.
A world of beauty and wonder, full of movement and energy. It invites the viewer to get lost in the vivid and artistic world of the imagination, and to appreciate the power of colour and nature to inspire us.

Spend an evening with us creating your very own hand painted dinner candles! 

SO, what will you learn?

  • Cassie will take you through the process of choosing your desired colours, the steps of painting your¬†candles¬†and how to care and present them.
  • In the workshop you will paint a pillar candle
  • You will then also be guided through floral choice, positioning and colour mixing your paints
  • At the end of the workshop, your candles will be¬†wrapped¬†and ready for you to decorate your home, dinner table or gift to a friend.


  • Date and Time:¬†Saturday August 19¬†6pm-8pm
  • Length:¬†the workshops go for 2 hours
  • Location: THE HOWLING OWL