Want something to make your day extra special?

Cassie has you covered!

From hand painted candles for your table centrepieces and wedding favours to ensuring you have the perfect invitations, menus and signage for your big day OR designing the perfect scent for your event!
No matter the need we have can sort it out
Get in contact today to take the stress out of your next event.
❤️  Event Invitations ❤️
❤️  Event day signage ❤️
❤️  Candles for Centrepieces and Favours ❤️
❤️  Vinyl decal signage ❤️
❤️  Acrylic Signage ❤️
❤️  Event Set up to ensure everything is perfect ❤️
❤️  Bridal Party Jackets (think Pearls!) ❤️
❤️  Custom scented candles ❤️
❤️  AND MORE! ❤️